Character Guide

Wicked Scribes have made the most awesome, most comprehensive character guide for Kate Daniels series we have ever seen.  I highly recommend it.  It must’ve taken months.  Huge thanks to the wonderful owner of the site.   Go here to view it. Here is our own, brief character guide to get you ready for Magic […]

Wilson Building

Raphael DM to Curran: Are you there? Curran: Yes. Raphael: I’m at a real estate auction. The pervert is here. He’s trying to buy the Wilson building. Curran: What’s the bid? Raphael: Six hundred grand. Curran: Bid against him. Raphael: Got it. Curran: What the hell is the Wilson building? Raphael: Beats me. Curran DM […]

The Covens

The covens of Atlanta are numerous. They serve many gods and goddesses and have little in common. A typical coven consists of a limited number of members, usually thirteen. Some covens are exclusively female, while others allow male members. The proper terminology for a female or male coven member is a witch or practitioner of the craft. […]