Wicked Scribes have made the most awesome, most comprehensive character guide for Kate Daniels series we have ever seen.  I highly recommend it.  It must’ve taken months.  Huge thanks to the wonderful owner of the site.   Go here to view it.

Here is our own, brief character guide to get you ready for Magic Breaks.  Once again, I recommend Wicked Scribes for the comprehensive look.  They more than live up to their name.

Magic Breaks Character List

The Pack

Kate Daniels: Main character. Female, approximately 27 at the time of the book. Former Mercenary, former member of the Order, currently Consort to Curran, Beastlord of the Free People and female alpha of the shapeshifter Pack. Carries sword named Slayer. Daughter of Roland, from whom she has been hiding all of her life, and raised by his renegade warlord Voron. Kate owns Cutting Edge, a small investigative agency bankrolled by the Pack.


Currran Lenart: Beast Lord. Alpha and leader of Atlanta’s shapeshifters. Male, about 33. Has been Beast Lord since he was 15. Turns into a North American Grey Lion. Blond, grey eyed, approximately 5’10” with the build of a longtime weight lifter. In human form prefers hand to hand combat with a concentration on grappling which utilizes his training in Judo, wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu.


Jim Shrapshire: Werejaguar and Alpha of Clan Cat. African American male, 35 years of age. 6’2” and built like a middle weight boxer. Jim moves with an easy athletic gait that belies the pent up energy and violence waiting just under the surface. Jim is the Pack’s head of security. He is a paranoid micromanager who sees threats to the Pack around every corner and in every shadow. Has a history with Kate Daniels (non-romantic) going back to their service together in the Mercenary Guild.


Barabas (last name unknown): Were mongoose but member of the Bouda (werehyena) clan. 5’9” andslender, Barabas is the Pack’s lead legal counsel and one of Kate’s “babysitters” appointed by Aunt Bea prior to her death in Magic Rises. Appearing to be in his late twenties, Barabas is very pale skinned with a shock of bright red hair, usually gelled and spiked atop his head. He has the lean build of a fencer or dancer. Barabas is a skilled knife fighter with an encyclopedic knowledge of laws both human and Pack.


Andrea Nash: Female, 5’2”. Caucasian, blonde. Andrea is Kate’s best friend. Former knight of the Order and expert marksman. Andrea is Beastkin, meaning she is the extremely rare offspring of a female Bouda and a hyenawere, a hyena who could shape shift into a semi-human. In many shapeshifter packs, beastkin are at best tolerated but mistreated, at worst seen as abominations and killed at birth. Andrea and her mother suffered unspeakable abuse and cruelty at the hands of her birth pack. As a teen, Andrea escaped and disguising herself as human, joined and graduated with honors from the Order’s Academy for knights. After the events of Magic Bleeds, Andrea was exposed as a shape shifter and forcefully retired from the Order and subsequently joined Kate in the Detective agency Cutting Edge. Andrea has been the Mate of Raphael, son of Aunt Bea and Alpha of Clan Bouda, since Magic Strikes.


Raphael Medrano: Scion and Alpha of Clan Bouda, late twenties and around 6’3”. Only surviving son of Aunt Bea and her late husband. Raphael is a right sexy bastard, tall, dark and extremely handsome with a devilish smile that hints at exciting sex. Like the majority of Clan Bouda, Raphael is romantically experienced with a long list of partners but fell in love with Andrea Nash at first sight and pursued her relentlessly until, despite her better judgment, she accepted his advances. Curran has a grudging respect for Raphael, but until recently viewed him as a spoiled and vain, despite his status as arguably the best knife fighter in the Pack.


Derek Gaunt: Werewolf and protégé of both Jim and Curran. Introduced in Magic Bites as a teen, Derek is now a young adult, about 19 and an experienced fighter. Once almost pretty, Derek was irreparably disfigured during the events of Magic Strikes. His vocal cords were also damaged in the attack, leaving him with a permanently low and menacing voice. Kate often refers to Derek as “Boy Wonder” and his devotion to her is almost fanatical, second only to his admiration and loyalty to Curran. Derek, like Curran has a profound hatred and disdain of loupes, shapeshifters gone feral.


Ascanio Ferara: Teenage Bouda, about 16. Basically a younger version of Raphael, even more incorrigible though. Introduced in Magic Slays, Ascanio is a young Bouda raised until recently by his father in a religious compound and sheltered from the outside world. He’s determined to make up for lost time and sometimes his behavior is extreme, even by bouda standards. His antics often bring unwanted attention to Clan Bouda and the Pack. He is seen by Derek in somewhat the same light that Curran views Raphael, wild and undisciplined. At the time of the book, Ascanio is an unpaid intern at Cutting Edge where Kate and Andrea can keep an eye on him.


Desandra: Female, late mid-twenties, werewolf. Introduced in Magic Rises, Desandra is an enigma. Her father was one of the most ruthless and sadistic alphas among the Mediterranean shapeshifter packs. The only of his children to live to adulthood, Desandra survived by pretending to be vain and stupid. Brought back to Atlanta with her two sons, she has quickly risen through the ranks of Clan Wolf to become Beta, second only to Jennifer. Beneath her outwardly crude and hyper sexualized exterior, she is her father’s daughter, cunning, smart, and capable of sudden shocking violence. Desandra serves as female Beta of Clan Wolf, biding her time and building support among Clan Wolf before she makes her move on Jennifer, the alpha of Clan Wolf, whom Desandra sees as weak and unfit to rule.


Dr. Doolittle: The Pack’s premier med mage, Doolittle is an African American male appearing to be in his mid-fifties with short greying hair, wire rimmed glasses and a stocky, powerful build. An extremely talented physician, Doolittle tends to devote his time to science and the treatment of the Pack, but much like his honey badger alter ego is fearless and willing to stand up to anyone, up to and including Curran and Kate. Doolittle was severely injured in Magic Rises, and is still wheelchair bound but recovering in Magic Breaks.


Julie: Teenage female referred to by Curran as “Kate’s cub.” Blonde, petite and pretty, Julie is being raised by Kate after losing her mother in Magic Burns. Like Kate, she is a human with magic living among and under the protection of the Pack. Julie has the unique ability to see magic, she is a human M scanner and her powers are still developing. She has a crush on Derek who sees her as a little sister and an adversarial relationship with Ascanio who views her as rival and potential romantic conquest. During Magic Slays, Julie had been infected with Lyc-V, shapeshifter virus, and was going loup. Kate used one of her father’s rituals to save Julie’s life by washing her blood with her own, which bound Julie to her. Julie is unable to refuse Kate’s direct order, a fact which Kate and Curran hide from her.


Jennifer: Female Alpha of Clan wolf and widow of Daniel, who died in Magic Slays. Jennifer still holds a grudge against Kate for killing her sister and hates her even more now for bringing Desandra back to Atlanta. Jennifer knows she is weak and it is only a matter of time before her new Beta makes her move. She fears for herself and her child.


Robert and Thomas Lonesco: MarriedAlphas of Clan Rat. Second only to the wolves in numbers, the rats are excellent scouts and spies. The Lonescos feel undervalued and distrusted by Jim, the Pack’s head of security.


Christopher: Once a favorite in Roland’s court, Christopher was given to Hugh d’Ambray, who punished him for some unknown transgression by slowly starving him to near death. By the time Kate rescues him in Magic Rises, months of being kept captive in a cage by Hugh d’Ambry have left Christopher a shattered shell of his former self. Christopher seems to have a tenuous grasp on reality and sometimes believes he can fly, but has simply forgotten how to do so. He is utterly devoted to Kate for freeing him and believes Barabas, his de facto handler, to be an angel.


The Order


Moynohan, Ted. Caucasian male, early 50’s. Heavily built like an aging boxer or football player, Ted is 5’10” and weighs well over two hundred pounds. As Knight Protector, Ted oversees Atlanta’s chapter of the Order of Merciful Aid, and as such, he’s also Kate and Andrea’s old boss. Ted is a fanatic who distrusts and despises the Shapeshifters and the People equally. Once seen as a major player within the Order, Ted’s star was tarnished when the Order’s offices were attacked and burned by one of Erra’s (Kate’s late Aunt) henchmen (see Magic Bleeds). His subsequent handling of the Andrea Nash situation further damaged his reputation. He is now seen as more of an aging embarrassment but due to his long service the Order is unable to force him into retirement unless he makes a colossal mistake. Ted is determined to go out with a bang, not a whimper.


Maxine: Powerful telepath and longtime secretary and gatekeeper of the Order. A non-combatant, Maxine refers to everyone as “dear.” She is fond of Kate in spite of Ted’s animosity towards her.


Mauro: Hulking Samoan Knight of the Order, Mauro is the last of Ted’s old guard, the rest having transferred after or perished during the attack on the order in Magic Bleeds. Mauro is a gentle giant, intelligent and slow to anger with a massive 6’8” three hundred plus pound frame and is covered in tattoos that glow when he is using his power to re-direct fire.


The People (pilots of the undead)


Ghastek: Thin and dark, age undetermined, could be late thirties or early fifties. A powerful Master of the Undead, Ghastek is locked in a power struggle with Mulradin Grant to fill the power vacuum left by the recent and unexplained disappearance of Nataraja, Atlanta’s former Head Necromancer. Ghastek senses that there is more to Kate than meets the eye and wants to know who she really is. He is very intelligent and gifted, and he knows, which occasionally causes him to make mistakes out of arrogance.


Mulradin Grant: Ghastek’s main rival for power in Atlanta’s chapter of the People. The Pack knows little of Mulradin but soon his terrible secret will come to light and the fragile peace between the Pack and the People will be shattered.


The Bad Guys.


Hugh d’Ambry: He is Roland’s warlord, having hunted down and killed Voron nearly a decade ago. He discovered Kate’s identity and is determined to present her to her father. Kate presents an irresistible prize for him: she’s the daughter of Roland and she had been trained by Voron, just like Hugh himself. His hatred for Curran is matched only by his determination to overcome Kate’s resistance. He’s determined to make her submit to his will even if he has to burn Atlanta to the ground or drown it in shapeshifter blood. He doesn’t really care if she comes to him of her own free will or is dragged to him in chains. Hugh is a superb strategist and an exceptional medmage. He is also the Preceptor of the Iron Dogs, the elite unit of the military arm of Roland’s forces.


Hibla: Female, origin unknown. Hibla is one of Hugh’s Iron Dogs. A shapeshifter and expert with a blade, Hibla is directly responsible for the death of Aunt Bea and Kate has been looking for some payback since the end of Magic Rises.


Roland: Kate’s father is a mythical figure whose origins lie somewhere between fact and fable. He is the Tower Builder. He slept for centuries but now the reemergence of magic has ended his long absence from the world of man. Roland possesses a nearly god-like power.





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  1. I have a picture of what Curran looks like in my mind, but I wonder what he looks like in the minds of the writers who made and described him(human form). Also fellow readers how do you think Curran looks in human form. I know the book covers are made by the publishing firm and they always put him in lion form. Makes you wonder what he looks like in human form maybe thats their devious plan.

  2. Nice! but I don’t see many of the other people mentioned in the books – dead or alive. Where’s the Mercs? Clan Wolf? and the others?

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  3. I love this series and I’m trying to find the audiobook CDs for Magic Rises and Magic Breaks. Why can’t I find them? I have all but these two. Were they never made? Does anyone know???

  4. Hello! I met Mr and Mrs Andrews at a TT4L conference a few years ago. They said they liked my name, Briahna, and might use it in a future story.
    Are there any new characters (post 2014) with the name Briahna?

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