I’ll be Right There

Jim: 15 minutes to Pack/People meeting.

Kate: I’ll be late.

Jim: Why?

Kate: I’ve got to do something.

a minute later

Curran: What do you mean you’ll be late? Where r you?

Kate: I’ll be right there, just start without me.

Curran: The meeting’s been set over a month in advance. Where r you?

Kate: I said, I’ll be right there.

Curran: Where. Are. You?

Kate: Don’t take that tone of voice with me, I don’t appreciate it.

Curran: Would you just tell me where you are?

Kate: Corner of manticore and white.

Curran: Half an hour away. Why am I not surprised. What are you doing there?

Kate: I’ve got to do something. I don’t appreciate being interrogated.

Jim: There is a giant armored octopus on the corner of manticore and white.

Curran: What?

Jim: It’s on TV.

Kate, PM to Jim: I kil u.

Jim, PM to Kate: Payback.

Curran: I can see you on the news. Kate, answer your phone.

Curran: Answer your phone, damn it.

Curran, PM to Kate: Don’t even think about it.

Kate, PM to Curran: I’ll bring sushi to meeting. Love u, bye.

Jim: I think she just dropped her I-phone.

Curran, PM to Kate: God fucking damn it.

Jim: That was a nice cut on his tentacle. Should I hold the meeting?

Curran: No, start without me. I’ll be right back.

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  1. I love these Twitter tip bits, please do more and publish them… they make perfect extras for the books…keep up the amazing books! You can’t but help to love them xx

  2. I love your writing. It always puts a smile on my face. Even though I’m on a tight budget I always find a way to buy your books. It’s my treat to myself. You both are very talented writers. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to Burn For Me.

  3. Thank you so much for these tweets. they give the Curran and Kate so much life. Please keep it up. I am new to your Website is there any chance I can read previous tweets about Curran and Kate.

  4. 🤣😂😅I’m late to the Kate Daniels series, by OH FOR THE LOVE F BOOKS am I njoying catching up.💗💖💗

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