We have contacted the Pack and found this awesome map for you.  Don’t ask us what we had to do to get it. (Actually, the map was drawn by Julie who has done a fantastic job.)

A version of this map will be going into Magic Breaks.  Julie the Pack’s Chief Cartographer scoured the books and invested her time into making this awesome gift expecting nothing in return.   All errors are due to our sloppy writing and not the Chief Cartographer’s skills.

Please remember that due to being half ruined, post-Shift Atlanta isn’t exactly the same as our current city.

Full credit for the incredible maps goes to Julie Krick.  Huge, huge thank you!  She even made a bonus map of voyage to Gagra from Magic Rises.  You can view these maps as jpg images or you can download them below as PDF.


Atlanta Color Final

Voyage to Black Sea

JPG (watch out, the files are large and take a long time to load.)





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  1. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I have wanted a map since the second book and despairing of ever seeing one.

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