Wilson Building

Raphael DM to Curran: Are you there?

Curran: Yes.

Raphael: I’m at a real estate auction. The pervert is here. He’s trying to buy the Wilson building.

Curran: What’s the bid?

Raphael: Six hundred grand.

Curran: Bid against him.

Raphael: Got it.

Curran: What the hell is the Wilson building?

Raphael: Beats me.

Curran DM to Jim: Why would Saiman want to buy the Wilson building?

Jim to Curran: Hello to you too, Your Majesty.

Curran: Can you just answer the damn question?

Jim to Curran: Let me check on it.

Raphael: 700K.

Curran: Is he in?

Raphael: Oh yeah, he is in.

Curran: keep going.

Kate to Curran: Where are you?  I thought we had a sparring date.

Curran: Something’s come up.

Kate: Oh really?

Curran: I’ll be right there.  Give me ten minutes.

Raphael: 900K.

Curran: Keep bidding.

Kate: What are you up to?

Curran: Nothing.

Kate: You sound suspicious.

Curran: How can you tell how I sound through Twitter?

Kate: I’m coming up to our rooms.

Raphael: One mil. Curran, that’s a lot of money…

Raphael: Curran?

Curran: Sorry, had to move to the bathroom. Keep bidding.

Curran to Jim: anything?

Jim: I’m checking on it.

Raphael: 1,200,000 <— zeroes.  A lot of them.

Curran to Jim: Keep bidding.

Curran to Raphael: Today.

Raphael: I didn’t get that.

Jim: Keep bidding on what?

Kate: I know you’re in the bathroom. I can see your shadow in the gap under the door.

Curran to Kate: Trained investigator.

Kate: Is everything okay in there?

Raphael: 1,400,000 Holy shit, I don’t even know if we can cover this.

Curran: Keep bidding.


Jim: Someone’s got a temper.

Raphael: $1,600,000.  Curran, Curran, this is bad, this is really bad

Kate: I can hear you typing on your phone.

Curran: No, you can’t.

Jim: Saiman wants it because it’s next to Red Room, an underground casino.

Raphael: $1,750,000 Our Father, who art in Heaven…

Jim: The area had been leveled by a freak hurricane last month.

Raphael: Hallowed be Thy Name…

Jim: Wilson is the only place intact enough to convert to a hotel within a five mile radius.

Curran to Raphael: drop it.  Walk away.

Raphael: Oh God. Oh my God.

Curran to Raphael: Did he buy it?

Raphael: He got it for $1,800,000.  He looks green.

Curran to Jim: I just made Saiman pay $1,800,000 for a $600,000 building.

Jim: There is something wrong with you, man.

Curran to Kate: Hey baby.  How about that sparring?

Kate: You know, instead of Twitting, you could just open the door.

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  1. First ever comment here although I follow your blog religiously. But this had me laughing out loud – both of them did – and I had to tell you how much I loved these twitters and how much I hope for more.

    Your minds are truly amazing. ♥

  2. That was too freaking funny! Curran is gonna be struting around for days after busting Saimon’s wallet like that!

  3. Things like this make your characters so alive. They feel real and solid because of their flaws and quirks. Thank you for the pleasure of your books 😀

  4. I love these!!! I love how Raphel is praying by the end haha…. I could see Curran doing this though!

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